Auto auctions –

This year it came that moment in every man’s life to change his car; after doing some prospects it is almost impossible to find a reliable offer on Romanian market so I turned out my eyes to Germany, of course but someone suggested to try as they have good offers.

I registered an account, submitted proof of ID and I was ready to bid for a car. At some point I found the one good car for me and watched it for 3 days.

And from here started to get very strange:

I decided to make like 3-5 bid with a maximum sum in mind; and I started to bet in last 60 seconds; auction was „x-time” time which basically means that this auction is synced with another of the same seller and every time a bid is registered time get reset something around 50seconds.

First issue: when my bid was highest at some point auction time got to 0 (zero) seconds and I got displayed the message „congratulations , you have own” .. but shocking, after dew seconds auction timer started again

Second issue: again my bid was higher ( + 500eur compared to step1) and situation repeated again with the mention that timer started again after 60-120seconds after !!!!!!! – this happened with me being in call with agent trying to understand what happened first time

Finally I won the auction for the 3rd time, with a price increased with 700eur but this time after 30min of staying on auction page all was good, timer stayed stopped.

2nd day I made payment and the next day they confirmed it and they ordered transportation on 23rd or 24th of February and on site delivery was advertised in the timeframe of 23rd February – 9th of March.

At the time I am writing this article, 12th of March, car just got sent from seller to Adesa hub in Hub (DE Schmidgaden) – they claim that clearance of a card takes 10 business days in Germany ( this means the card should have been cleared at max on 10th of March )

As of today new transportation is ordered with today date – i called in to find out more and also wanted to speak to a supervisor but agent denied me this right stating that „I don’t feel being the case” and after I tried a couple more times to ask for the supervisor she hanged up in a rude way.

In general I received good feedback about cars but I don’t know what to say about customer service … maybe it’s worth mentioning that discussion was made with Romanian support agent.

I’ll keep updating this article unti this story is over …I ordered transportation to Transporturi Auto Filaret service, I paid for this let’s see where they will deliver car….

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